Common Health Risks Of Being A Builder In Wirral

Builders in Wirral

There are several health risks of being builders in Wirral. Whether they’re a builder in Liverpool, the outskirts or a rural area of the Wirral, there are certain health risks involved. If you want to find out what a few of those health risks are, then continue to read on.


Without a doubt, asbestos is one of the leading health risks that builders in the Wirral and elsewhere face. These days asbestos isn’t as much of a concern as it once was, but there is still always a chance that builders will come in contact with asbestos. As of now, some suggest that there are around half a million public buildings across the United Kingdom that contain materials that have asbestos, which has been linked to various health conditions, including cancer. When builders are working with materials with asbestos, then it is of the utmost of importance that they take great care.

Wirral Woodside Aerial View

Respiratory Diseases

Wirral builders face another health risk, respiratory diseases. Builders often work on job-sites that have a lot of dust, which can become airborne. When this happens, sometimes other hazardous materials can become mixed with the dust, and fibres can become airborne too.

When builders breathe in dust and other harmful things, then they can develop a range of respiratory issues. This includes silicosis and asthma. Builders in the Wirral should wear protective gear at all times and this includes face masks, otherwise they are running the risk of breathing in dust, debris and other stuff that can cause breathing difficulties.


Electricity poses a serious health and safety risk to builders. In general, around 3-4 construction workers or workers in the industry are electrocuted. This is during their course of work on domestic or commercial buildings. Being electrocuted can result in death and long lasting injuries that are sometimes permanent.

Builders need to do what they can to protect themselves against being electrocuted within all services they offer from Wirral bricklaying to Wirral Loft Conversion. This includes wearing appropriate gear at all times and maybe taking a crash course. A course can teach builders how to be safe while working near electricity and how to distinguish whether it is safe to work near power sources.

Those are a few health risks of being a builder in Wirral. Thankfully, there are a number of things a builder can do to reduce the above risks. It is extremely important for builders to take steps to protect themselves against the above and other health risks.